About TC Christian

TC's journey began when she left home at the age of 16 to attend prestigious Performing Arts Conservatories, first in Boston and then in London.  Cultivating her artistic passions eventually led her to writing her first novel.  Inspired by the concept of Soulmates, the research and writing for that book introduced her to the Akashic Records. Initially, she decided to study the Records in greater depth to learn to access her own.  Now TC's greatest passion is aligning people with their true purpose, clearing away karmic obstacles and helping them not just to heal, but to live out their greatest destiny through Akashic Alchemy.  In addition to writing and teaching yoga, she is certified in Crystal and Reiki Energy Healing, which she uses to create the "Align" Divine Chakra Candles.  As a certified Advanced Soul Realignment practitioner, TC gratefully accepts her mission as a Messenger of the Divine to guide you along your own healing journey through Akashic Record Readings.


C. Lighton

" Once I had my Reading my life changed. Negativity in all forms fell away, which was so liberating."

M. Turner

"I have a new birthday.  It is the day my Record was cleared by TC Christian." 

M. Gatlin

"Professional, Thorough, Insightful - these are words I use to describe TC Christian. I recommend her with complete confidence in what she offers."  

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