What is a Property Reading/Clearing?

Sometimes the energy of a home does not align with the vibrational frequency of the energy of its inhabitant/s.  Or perhaps the energy from a previous occupant of that home can still remain in the property long after they leave, which can affect the current residents of the household. 


Energy is something that can become stagnant or even oppressive, and if we don't know how to address it, it can make us uncomfortable in our own space.

Similar to an Akashic Record, a Property Record can be accessed at the 5th dimensional level of Spirit, to see what kind of energies are being upheld within the home and the surrounding land. 

Once any existing energetic issues are brought to the client's attention and acknowledged, all negative energies can be cleared, in order to give the client a clean slate that matches the vibrational frequency of its inhabitants.

This is also a service which many Realtors like to take advantage of, in order to cleanse the energy of a space, which in turn, can sell a home much more quickly.

The only information required to do a Property Reading and Clearing is the address, and permission from the owner/renter.  The information can be relayed over a brief phone call, which takes approximately 15 minutes.

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