ALIGN Divine Chakra Candle Kit


The instant an Akashic Alchemy candle is lit, it immediately releases healing energy generated directly from Divine Source.


Each candle is anointed with a specialized blend of certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils, which contain medicinal plant properties associated to the specific needs of the chakra that requires balancing.


Every handcrafted candle is charged and set with energetic intentions to help you gently dissolve blocks and restrictions, which may be preventing you from receiving abundance in all areas of your life.   


The more we release the negativity that arises during the clearing process, the more we become free of what is holding us back from our Divinity.


Our candles are 100% pure beeswax with cotton, lead free wicks.  We are proud to lovingly create sacred objects to support your healing journey, which is why Akashic Alchemy candles are designed especially for you by a Reiki Practitioner.

Candles are 2" tall with a 2 hour burn time and come with Chakra information and affirmations.

(3 day priority shipping will be added to cost)
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