What are the Akashic Records?

Think of the Akashic Records like a Great Library filled with millions of shelves of books, one of which was written specifically about you!  Imagine it as a Book that has recorded all your experiences...not just in this current life, but in every lifetime you've ever lived since your soul's origination. 


First, you will learn about your greatest gifts and ultimate potential, which is called your "Divine Soul Blueprint".  Once you know who you are at Soul Level, you are more able to create abundant circumstances, and tap into the energy of Divine Source to manifest life transforming opportunities!


Second, you will see what is obstructing your life path by learning what karmic patterns are repeatedly showing up in multiple lifetimes within your Akashic Record.


Then TC will perform a "Clearing" on your Record and provide you with healing homework to help make a fresh start coming from a new perspective of how to make better choices for yourself and your soul.  When your Karma is no longer limiting your possibilities, you have a "clean slate" to work from, which enables you to forever change those patterns.


Soul Alignment empowers you with the ability to manifest your dreams and create your best life.  If you are ready to start your transformational journey, click here for your Akashic Record Reading and "Align With Your Divine"!

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Written within the pages of your book are the stories which makes your soul unique to you, including your Divine gifts and the ways to utilize them in order to live your best life. The Akashic Records also chronicle the choices we have made, which create karmic patterns that repeat in other lifetimes.  Learning about these karmic patterns will help you to understand what affects you physically and mentally today- whether that's habitual unhealthy relationships or getting stuck in your career, to chronic illness or anxiety and depression.  Healing and clearing negative karma enables you to get in line with your soul's Divine purpose...and every soul has a purpose!

What Will I Learn from my Akashic Reading?